Rushmoor parkrun

Many people ask me how they can start running as it can be a bit daunting to do it on your own....well why now join your local parkrun?

I was introduced to parkrun by Jen Coleman when she was training me for the MdS. I became hooked and for me personally it was a great way to work on speed training within 2 months my 5k pb went from 28 minutes to 25:26 minutes and I made lots of friends with local runners too.

When: Saturday 9am..

Where: The event is International checkout the link

Regardless of your age or experience parkrun is an amazing organisation.

It is family friendly little people, buggies and doggies are more than welcome at most parkrun's but check your local parkrun web page to be on the safe side.

Getting started....

Go to and download your barcode and take it to parkrun with you. Its a good idea to laminate it to protect it from rain and sweat as marshalls will need to scan it after your run.

Turn up, listen to the new runners briefing and have a great run....simple!

After your run you will be given a position token - this will be scanned with your barcode and during the day you will be sent your result.

Don't forget your barcode NO BARCODE = NO RESULT

I am part of the core team of Rushmoor parkrun and it is a brilliant way to improve your running, make friends, loose weight, eat cake.....there is no wrong reason for joining parkrun.  


All you hard work at parkrun is recognised with milestone T Shirts

After children complete 10 parkruns they will be given a '10' milestone t shirt.

Adults will will receive milestone tshirts for their 50, 100 and 250 runs and these are also free of charge (excluding postage and packaging)

Finally lets not the volunteers....volunteer 25 times and you will also receive a T-Shirt in recognition of your hard work!

Rushmoor parkrun statistics...

Number of events: 94 Number of runners: 2,952 Number of runs: 14,090
Number of first finishers: 85 Number of clubs: 217 Number of PBs: 2,862
Average number of runners per week: 149.9 Average number of runs per runner: 4.8 Biggest Attendance: 455
Average run time: 00:27:18 Total hours run: 0Years 267Days 3Hrs 36Min 48Secs Total distance run: 70,450km

Female record holder: Sarah HILL - 17:54 - Event 62 (22/08/15)

Male record holder: Alex POINTON - 16:24 - Event 92 (12/03/16)

Age graded record holder: Jane GEORGHIOU - 90.36 % - 21:47 - Event 10 (02/08/14)

Whether you would like to run or volunteer we look forward to seeing you 


Rushmoor parkrun!!

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