Name: Edward Chapman

Role: Mentor, Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon 2015

Website: http//

Edward Chapman is a seasoned KAEM'er and I feel so lucky that he is mentoring me for the Kalahari's as he has so much experience in this race. I first met Edward on the Pilgrim 100k (my first Ultra Marathon in February 2012) and we have been chums since.

Name: Wilna Vivier-Ellis

Role: Chartered Sport & MSK Physio

Contact details:

Wilna is marvellous and she is my chief fixture upper - thanks to Wilna and Enrico Grilli I keep on top of aches and pains and occasionally come out of the experience feeling ever so slightly taller (which is no bad thing when you at 4ft 11 and 3/4 inches)

Name: Michelle Gosnold

Role: Sports Massage

Contact details as per Wilna

The whole experience with Gosnold can be described as 'No pain no Gain'. When isn't sports massager to the stars.....she makes time for me! Michelle has looked after me since the Marathon des Sables and she is brilliant.

Name: Daz Sharma

Role: Husband (Head Coach.....driver....coke cola supplier.....race number pinner...the list go on..)

Daz regularly puts up with my hair brain schemes whether it be driving me to running events at bonkers times of day or dishing out 100's of ice creams for BVUKfundraising events.....he is very supportive (and patient) of my running and this is Daz running the Amsterdam marathon with me in October 2012.......

Name: Brian Bell

Role: Personal Trainer, Fitness First Fenchurch Street, London.

Brian Bell is my amazing personal trainer, Brian and I have been training together at Fitness First since 2011, our PT sessions are tough but fun and he has help me achieve things I didn't think where possible.

Team Extreme

My first ever Ultra Marathon 'The Pilgrim' in 2012 was an Xnrg event - it was epic, I was slow but it was awesome and Daz and I made friends for life - like a boomerang I kept going back for more. Neil, Anna, Brian and Richard are an awesome crew!

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Finally a very big thank you to all my wonderful friends at Blind Veterans UK you guys are amazing. BVUK is supported 100% but public donations we receive no government funding whatsoever and these guys do an awesome job of looking after BVUK members, raising valuable fund for the charity and promoting Me!

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