My Kit

Over the years many people have asked me about the kit I use so below is a summary of my gear for Ultra Marathon Running. 

Please note this is purely what works for me its imperative that you try and test any kit before taking in on any event. 


Running Top & Bottoms

I love X-Bionic. During KAEM I wore 'The Trick' top and running shorts.

The fabric is soft and I have never experienced chaffing whilst wearing it.

The fabric dries quickly but keeps you warm to so its perfect for races in extreme temperatures. 

I also wear a loose pair of shorts over my shorts that I can charge into at camp and sleep in they are just a bit more comfy. I also tack a light weight long sleeve running top. Its nice to change out of running gear and let it dry/air for the following day.

I also find arm sleeves really helpful. They keep you warm during those early morning races but also provide protection from the sum. I use Oxyburn arm sleeves.

Sports Bra

Under Armour works for me and i have a preference to clasp free bra's due to chaffing.

Compression Calf Guards, Socks and Flip Flops

CEP's Compression gear works for me and match my pink Trick gear.

I'm a huge fan of Injinji Toe Socks.  I have used them ever since the MdS and have never experience blistering to my toes. I use the toe liners and wear a pair if Balega Socks over the top.  When running in the sand I wear my compression calf guards over the toe liners and socks over the top of the liner to give a barrier to sand.

Don't forget flip flops as its important to air your feet and give them a break from your trainers on multi-day events. Hotel slippers work too but be careful with thorns as they offer in protection.


When I ran the MdS I used Raidlight gaiters and I was really disappointed as the front of them began to fall apart by the third day of the event - thank goodness for gaffer tape and don't forget to pack it as it will assist with a multitude of things.  For the Kalahari I used gaiters designed by MyRaceKit Elisabeth and Colin are experience Ultra Marathon runners. They give fantastic advice that is worth listening too and sell brilliant products including their gaters

Headgear & Eye Protection

I find my Raidlight hat is great and you can pick this up from MyRaceKit . Buffs are also brilliant i have picked a number up over the years but also have a couple of UV Buffs for protection from the sun. Buffs are great to protect against flies and sandstorms too.

Sunglasses are very important and some race locations such as the MdS may also require goggles from protection from sandstorms.

I normally wear glasses but these are impractical when running so I wear monthly contact lenses and make sure I keep my eyes hydrated throughout the event,


I used the Ultimate Direction Fastpack 30l for KAEM but many used the Fastpack 20l too. For one day events I use the 'Jenny Pack'.  Ultimate Direction gear is well designed although my only criticism is that they could create two bottle holders of the same size for 750 ml water bottles. One pocket is perfect the second works but at a squeeze and another smaller pocket is sacrificed. Nonetheless, its a good pack, easy to use and adjust down with lots of storage. It fits like a waist coast and the fabric around the neck area is soft and doesnt rub against the neck. The main pack is also waterproof.


I uses Mountain King Trail Blaze Poles, they are lightweight, fold able and strong. I have had mine since 2012 and not had any problems with them.

Sleeping System

  • Sea to Summit Sleeping bag
  • Inflatable pillow
  • Eye Mask
  • Ear Plugs


Raidlight water bottles are brilliant and don't leak.

I have a preference to using 2 x 750ml rather than bladders which are not recommended for hygiene reasons on a multi-day event - especially in hot weather. Also it is much easier to see how much you are drink when using bottles and they are easier to fill.


My on the go kitchen consists of a Esbit Titanium Pot, Spider Cooker, Spork and fire lighters, lighter or matches. Titantium is light weight and wont break.

Wash Kit/Personal Hygiene

My Wash Kit consists of:

First Aid Kit

  • Pain killers
  • Antihistamine
  • Dioralyte
  • Diarrhoea tablets
  • Compeeds
  • Blister Kit
  • Antiseptic Cream & Wipes
  • Plasters
  • Bandage
  • Chaffing cream
  • Pen knife with scissors
  • Biofreeze and Natural Hero massage balm
  • Survival Blanket


I have board feet so i wear Brooks Adrenaline D Fit and for multiday races will wear an additional half size up from my usual running I look even more like a Hobbit!

Other Stuff...

  • Head Torch
  • Compass
  • Whistle
  • Waterproof bags .... I use Sea to Summit Dry Sacks
  • Waterproof jacket and trousers - Inov-8 are great as its light weight